1. Cloreak
    Created by Cloreak
    Feb 1, 2015

    Welcome, everyone, to the Ion Network, an in-the-works mini game network! We at Ion will do our best to bring you some of the best gamemodes out there! In the process, we will be listening to our community and using its ideas to the best of our ability once we have gone public!

    Currently, we are not public. If you wish to go ahead and register with the forums, you will have to click the "Contact Us"...
  2. StormAerospace
    Created by StormAerospace
    Mar 17, 2015

    I am in need of world folders that have completed Rangers maps ready for deployment. The world be made with a void generator (use a build server with VoidGenerator installed). You can grab these off the existing Rangers server; however, I would prefer that the map be moved somewhere close to (0,64,0).

    In addition to the world folder, I would like attached a YAML file named "<map name>.yml" with the following format:
    type: classic
      time-limit: 300...